If you have seen some homes for sale or interior design programs, you have perhaps been mesmerised by the perfection. Designing a property for an imminent sale is vital, but it seems devastating to most property owners. If you are speculating where to begin or how to decorate your home for sale, it’s sensible that you start by getting inspiration at Property Cap d’Antibes.

Simply put, the key to having a seamless sale is understanding how to make the property much more attractive to buyers. So, if you want to make your house sell fast in this competitive realtor market, follow the following interior design tips.

Let there be Light

Perfect lighting can entirely transform a room. Unappealing lighting, on the other hand, can make the most stylish room seem unwelcoming. Thus, a well-thought through strategy will help you light your home impeccably. You can start by assessing the currently installed bulbs. Are the bulbs atmospheric and soft or harsh and cold? Well, it’s recommended that your home’s lighting have layers.

While white lighting emulates daylight and helps people energise, warm lighting is cosy and comes in handy in relaxing. Assess all the rooms and determine the lighting to install depending on the ambience you wish to create. For instance, pick soft, cool bulbs for overhead lights to recreate the day’s natural glow.

Stage Your Home

Staging your home can help you realise a fast sale. Simply put, staging means beautifying the house to attract buyers. It could mean placing flowers in the bedroom or a bowl of fresh fruits on the kitchen counters, or even decluttering. You can even choose to add an office chair and desk at the stairs space.

Concentrate on the Essential Rooms

If you are tight on budget and time, focus on the rooms that interest the target audience most. Most buyers prioritise the living room and kitchen. However, it doesn’t mean you have to spend all your revamp fortunes on the entire kitchen and living room. Replacing, repairing, or repainting cabinet handles and doors can rejuvenate outdated units and quickly make them trendy. Similarly, placing neutral décor and reorganising furniture in the living room can create an incredible illusion.


Decluttering changes the entire house vibe by making it seem lighter and more extensive. Move from one room to another and discard medications, cosmetics, foods, and broken items. If there are a few items you wish to keep, ensure you organise them into storage boxes or containers. When you are done decluttering the house, all the things should be in their correct places.

Remember the Exterior

Creating a great first impression is inevitable. It doesn’t matter how decorated or beautiful your house is; if it seems unwelcome and shabby from the outside, it will instantly dishearten buyers. So, consider repainting the front door, clean the driveway and yard, and fix faulty window frames. Discard excess clutter like custom ornamental furniture and kids’ toys. Adding flowers, plants, or hanging baskets can draw the buyer’s attention.


If all other tips fail, let painting work magic for you. Always consider repainting the house if it’s not painted or has old paint. Well painted home pleases to most potential buyers. A fresh layer of paint makes your house look almost new, in addition to increasing its value and appeal.

What the Experts Say

In conclusion, it’s worth noting that numerous interior design tactics for enhancing your house without overstretching your budget exists. Accentuate light and space, remove personal items and clutter, and refurbish the rooms that will impress the target buyers. Minor enhancements can significantly affect the price you can get and how fast the house sells.