Do you want to buy a property in France and renovate it? Buy property after thorough research to know its state and cost of renovation. The condition of one house varies from another. One may be moth-eaten yet salvageable, run-down, giving you a chance to rebuild it completely, while another may require only finishing touches. Make a budget, define the renovation scope you can handle, and find the right property for you. This piece tells you the essential you need for renovating a French property.

Essential papers required for renovating a French property

The best practice is that before you buy a house, you do a thorough check to find out vital facts about it. You may love the area and have the plan to turn the house into a modern château. For this, you can contact an architect firm Mouans Sartoux.

But if there are existing restrictions, you should learn what they are to know if you can work around them. Go to the town hall to see the allowed renovations for that property. Then get approval for your plans. Below are explanations of the type of permits and forms you will need.

Urban Planning Certificate

This certificate details the kind of renovations you are proposing. The outline enables the officials to study and decide if they will approve your alterations or decline your application.

Prior Declaration of Works

This form shows you the complete planning approval information. The changes you want to make determine if this will be the only form you will need. The form contains all the changes you are authorized to make without processing a comprehensive renovation application. Repair means fixing an internal wall, building a small swimming pool, constructing a garden fence, and putting up a patio.

Building Permits

This is the total permit for the renovation of the property. Supposing the changes you want to make will affect the taxation payable on the property, then you should get this permit. Some of the alterations to the outside of the property will change its worth. Changes that you may make might include altering the roof and creating new entrances. To build extensions, create outbuildings, and change the use of a property, you should get this official document.

Demolition Permit

Do you want to demolish the building? Then you should get this permit. This form is required if you will cut a tree down or root it out.

Why you may need to hire a project manager and labor?

If you live outside France during the whole construction period, then you should employ a trusted project manager to supervise the ongoing project daily, and report to you.

Here is what you need to know when it comes to hiring labor. If you employ French building construction workers, that puts you in good standing with the natives. But you will have language issues. Again if you hire English-speaking craftsmen, ensure they are permitted to work in France, or else you’ll be penalized by the government.

You may supervise the whole renovation project if you have the requisite construction knowledge to do the project. What you should not do is the electrical wiring of the place. You will require a professional French electrician to wire the building for you.

How you can profit from your French property renovation?

Most property developers want to make a quick profit from the buildings they renovate. You may sometimes succeed, but at other times the market won’t return a profit to you if the area is suffering from economic recession.

Be wise, wait a little longer for the market to rebound before you make your sale and exit the property.