Are you passionate about home décor? Have you had a habit of revamping your own space, no matter how small the budget, to give it a bit more beauty? Have you watched any interior decor shows while growing up? If you answered yes to all the questions. Then a career in interiors is what you should be aiming for.


Interior decorations aren’t just about glamming up spaces. It is also about making an area look better and utilizing the space better. It is a good career to consider for a profession, and if you are interested this article is for you.

Steps to becoming a professional interior designer:

Join a class and get a degree.

If you have an eye for design in spaces and areas, you need to validate your skillset and get an official license. Join Décor School. They will not only help in sharpening your skills but also show you ways to enhance them further. The official degree will help you seek out better opportunities after your graduation and even let you get into internship programs to learn further.

Make a portfolio.

This is something to show potential clients what you can do. Decorate even if it’s a tiny nook in your home that you are proud of and take pictures. You can even help a friend and decorate their spaces for some cool pictures. Make a hard and soft copy of all these pictures and make an official portfolio. 

Apply for jobs. 

Look for firms that are offering jobs and apply for them. These jobs will provide you with official money and help you grow further. After some time, if you think you’re capable of standing alone and do not require a firm to help you along the way, start your practice and spread your name. 


A career in interior design is very satisfying. Everyday decorating in new and better ways helps you to become someone better.