Usually, apartments are small spaces where the use of aesthetics has to be done very precisely. What this means is that one has to decorate and organize everything in a way that space is not compromised at all. With good décor not only will the area stand out, fulfil ample requirements but also provide a decluttered space. 


In this article, we will look into detail all those things you can do to lavishly decorate an apartment while ensuring that space is not compromised. 

Top décor tips.

Use light colours.

This goes for everything and includes all the furniture, curtains, blinds, and the colour of the wall. Light spaces make for bright rooms and help in enlarging effects. Dark colours on the other hand restrict spaces and make them appear smaller than they are.

Use ample lighting.

Use of spotlights, bollard lighting, and general task lighting must be done so that the aesthetics look pleasant and the general ambience of the room is enhanced. Warmer colours give a cosy appeal that is unparalleled. 

Use art.

This could be in the form of paintings, pictures, or even sculptures. Use unique designs that would make you stand out as a connoisseur of art in your home and make you get many admiring looks from guests and house visitors. The colour in artistic pictures also has the effect of adding pops of colour to dreary places. 

Use indoor plants.

The use of plants is perhaps the oldest rule in the book and the most useful one. it adds bouts of freshness, pleasantness and helps to connect with the outdoors in a very appealing way. Plants also boost oxygen levels in the house and remove foul smells and odours. They are a must-have.

Declutter your home. 

Remember no matter how much you decorate your space if everything is not sorted and decluttered. Your house will be a mess. Get rid of things you no longer use and revamp everything for eye-catching décor.